Dieter Rübsaamen - Werkgruppen 1957 - 2007 Deutsch English Français
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Künstlerforum Bonn


To listen to the invisible
Group of works 1957 – 2007
Kunstmuseum Bonn

Dieter Rübsaamen’s work is characterised by a thematic vocal trio; it comprises the relationship between reality and its perception, the image power of the language and linguistic power of the paintings, as well as the symbolisation and ability to experience of invisible processes. They are experiments of interpreting – not only in art – the experience of the uncertain as constant of human existence.
Rübsaamen experiments with symbol systems as interdisciplinary expression of art, natural science and philosophy and thus reflects conditions and contexts of cultural achievements.

Exhibition: 19 August– 9 September 2007, Bonn

I would like to thank Sébastien Cherruet for translating the catalogue texts in French as well as André Müller and Ciaran Morrisey for translating the catalogue texts in English and revising them.